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This template computes the week day number (from 0 on Monday to 6 on Sunday) for the date of the gregorian calendar (or proleptic) in parameter.

  • The year must be astronomical (year=1 in 1 AD (Anno Domini), year=0 in 1 BC, year=-1 in 2 BC).
  • The month is between 1 and 12 from January to December.
  • The day is normally between 1 and 31.

The julian day number (which is the integer part of the julian day plus one) modulo 7 grows from 0 (on Monday at noon) to 6 (on Sunday at noon)) and returns back to 0 the next day on Monday at noon (however this template ignores time, so this number is valid for the whole day from zero o'clock to midnight). This numbering order matches the order of days in the ISO week (but NOT the absolute numeric value, and not the US week day order and numbering).

  • {{WEEKDAY|2000|1|1}} returns 5
  • {{WEEKDAY|2000|2|28}} returns 0
  • {{WEEKDAY|2000|3|1}} returns 2
  • {{WEEKDAY|2000|12|31}} returns 6
  • {{WEEKDAY|2001|1|1}} returns 0
  • {{WEEKDAY|2001|2|28}} returns 2
  • {{WEEKDAY|2001|3|1}} returns 3
  • {{WEEKDAY|2001|12|31}} returns 0
  • {{WEEKDAY|2006|2|28}} returns 1
  • {{WEEKDAY|2006|3|1}} returns 2
  • {{WEEKDAY|2006|4|22}} returns 5
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