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Notes to self. stq has no wiktionary. Are they planning one? (If the idea is to keep a language alive, it certainly seems like a good idea!) If not, what should be done about people who habitually drop things like this into articles:


This one is from rood.

I removed that dropping of mine! Indeed a wiktionary would be fine, but could it me made as easy accessible as mine at --Pyt 19:34, 6. Apr 2008 (UTC)

Strong verbs[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Lol, got your mind racing on that one, eh? But seriously I suspect that the Frisian verbs will fall into the old classes pretty well.. No I did not find any mistakes in your stuff but then I do not speak Frisian. Of course I can read it, because it is really not too far from Dutch. I als speak German which helps. But that does not tell me whether it is correct or not. nl:wikt:Gebruiker:Jcwf 13:21, 6. Apr 2008 (UTC)